Poisoning the Flâneur | School Scene

Poisoning the Flâneur

Animation, Narrative, Graphic Design and Sound Design

Statement of Intent
Inventory list:
poster paper, ink
Medium: Video and large format printing
Dimensions: Posters 61x46cm, Wheat-Paste Spots 71x96cm 

Poisoning the Flâneur via the Dérive is an activist campaign designed to expose vehicular pollution in urban areas. The campaign engages the public with a series of images created for use Online and in the commons.

Meta Pleb Grrl

The posters and Wheat Paste Posters are intended to promote citizen self-awareness. The colour scheme warns of danger and beckons pedestrians and drivers alike; while the video engages drifters as they wander through the world wide web.

Poisoning the Flaneur | Détournement

Three individual 35-second segments form the original video which runs as a loop to reinforce the idea of habitual behaviour. Détournment is used to subvert original messages of iconic businesses and institutions.

Addressing the public about their behaviour in the commons while reducing the risk idling vehicles pose to public health is the goal of the campaign. 


School bus Poster from the Poisoning the Flaneur Series
Drive Thru Poster
Politician Poster from the Poisoning the Flaneur Series
Wheat-Paste Posters
Poster Child from Poisoning the Flaneur
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