#LifeOnLocke Project

Camera Setup | Life on Locke Interactive Projection
Camera Setup

Inventory list: 2-webcams, 2-tripods, 2 -extensions, computer, projector
Software: Vpt 7 projection
Medium: Video streaming
Dimensions: Not applicable

Cameras at night - Life on Locke Projection
Cameras at night time
Live Streamed Participatory Interactive Surveillance Project

#LifeOnLocke projects focus on the movement of crowds in shared urban spaces and the psycho-geography of those places. Living life on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, provoked this exploration, as I watched both good and bad behaviours unfold from my window. 

 #LifeOnLocke Projection was a live-streamed interactive projection, shown during the summers of 2017 and 2018. A projector was used to display images onto the building’s interior. 

Spectators could watched the display through a prominent window from street level. Once perceived, the viewer became the actor. Spectators and performers could watch their activity stream live on Facebook from the location or at home.

The Pollution Calling Card project began my campaign for the use of common sense on Locke Street.

#LifeOnLocke Gallery
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