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Call to Action

Collaborative Analogue Board Game

Call to Action allows players to become activists for their favourite cause. The main goal is to collect enough supporters to change government policy regarding the player’s chosen cause.  Additionally, players will form a better understanding of their chosen movement, while they collectively gather Collective Action Cards to complete the puzzle component of the game. 

Rules - Call to Action Game
Player Pieces - Call to Action Game

Players are encouraged to venture out of their personal game space and into other realms to form alliances with other activists. This activity has two benefits: players learn more about other social movements, while they increase support for their own.  The primary goal of Call to Action is not to finish before the other activists but to help each other gain an understanding of each movement and the relationships between collective action, protests, the media and the power of supporters to change government policy.

For educational use please contact Karin for a copy of the rules and game elements. 

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