Karin’s interactive fine art practice features installations, websites and sculptures created to critique society, technology, the media and politics. Informing citizens and creating discussions with interactive and participatory technology based projects is the goal for these projects. 
Pollution Visualizations Button
Pollution Visualization Project | In Progress
Live Captured and Compressed Data Driven Installations

This is a research project that interacts with live or collected pollution data and uses art to visualize information. The goal is to make pollution data easy for spectators to understand at a glance. Three prototypes are being developed into installations. The ecoCoder, the ecoTree and the ecoMirror will be installed in various locations around the City of Hamilton when complete. >>More

Carnival Glass Button
Carnival Glass | 2018
Participatory Interactive Live Data Driven Installation

This portable sound sculpture is affected by the temporal nature of the city and its occupants. The Carnival Glass fun-house mirror aims to visualize the real-time ambient sound of the location where it is installed. The glass uses machine learning artificial intelligence to analyze sound and decern the difference between noise pollution and the human voice. >>More

Der Puppen Doktor Button
Der Puppen Doktor | 2017
Participatory Interactive Installation

Der Puppen Doktor or the Doll Doctor is a commentary about industrialized healthcare. The installation uses the participation of the viewer to create a tableau.  Projection-mapping and audio transducers personalize the experience by placing the viewer into the scene. >>More

#LifeOnLocke Projection | 2017-2018
Live Streamed Participatory Interactive Surveillance Project

#LifeOnLocke Projection a series of 5 live-streamed interactive projections, shown during the summers 2017 and 2018. A projector was used to display images onto the building’s interior wall to reflect the pedestrian traffic on the street below. Once perceived, the pedestrian became the actor. Spectators and performers could visit the live-stream on Facebook from the location or at home. This allowed the spectator/performer to watch themselves, watching themselves. >>More

Call to Action Game Logo
Call to Action | 2019
Interactive Analogue Board

The players (fledgling activist) must answer activism related questions and collect cards (lobbyist cards) for each correct answer as they move around the game space. Players need to collect one card from each category to make a whole picture.  They can do this on their own or form coalitions/alliances to beat the others to achieve the highest level of action to become a seasoned activist. >>More

The Machine Stops Button
The Machine Stops | 2016
Interactive Website

The Machine Stops is a short story by E. M. Forster. First published in 1909, Forster reveals future technologies and predicts the dystopic path the world is taking. This mini-site divides the story into themes and embeds links for the player to find to reveal important snippets of the story. Mapped elements provide interactions with the literature and themes. >>More

The Voyageur Spirit | Interactive Dream-Craft


Interactive Dream-Craft

Cradles have always been mildly interactive. With this in mind, Karin designed the Voyageur Spirit to be lightly interactive for lazy afternoons. 


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