Motion Graphics & Animation

COVID 1984

sound • animation •
motion graphics • script

This animation warns against the dangers of proto-fascism in the times of Coronavirus. It reminds us to use discretion when viewing media because of unscrupulous media practices and tactics




Story telling & Narratives

Remain COVIDilant
sound • animation • motion graphics • script • storyboards


Covidilant is a mini public service announcement designed to remind us about what’s important. Wash, keep distance and wear a mask is the mantra of the animation.

Audio & SOund Effects

Pastoral Gothic
sound • animation • motion graphics • script •  storyboards


Inspired by the painting titled American Gothic by artist Grant Wood, Pastoral Gothic is a dystopic allegory of sheeple who are lead victimized by those in power. The animated tale is about a distracted society who become preoccupied with a blue light. The animation is a cautionary tale that is laced with absurdity and satire to reveal the impact of technology on society. •s

Social Comentary

For All Intents

animation • script • sound • motion graphics

Public Service announcement about personal responsibility and gun control.

From Time to Time
motion graphics

Haiku interpretation.

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