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Liss Platt Artist

Liss Platt Artist

Products: Website, Photography, Archiving
Services: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design 

Artist Liss Platt needed a refreshing new look for her website and had large amounts of data and images to work with. The site was developed from a lifetime of work that was scanned, archived and resized.

Organized, scanned, resized and organized information, photos, news articles, brochures and writing that presented the artist’s work in a way that complimented her style of art and promoted her image in an appropriate way, creating an archive of images and articles

Coulson and Associates

Products: WebsiteLogo, Brand Building, Brand Management, Business Cards, Copywriting, Storytelling, Editing, Blog Writing, Letterhead, Banners, Social Media, Graphic Design, Ad Building, Management and Icons

Role: Art Director, Copywriter and Designer

Coulson and Associates needed a rebranding that distanced themselves from a previous partnership and brand. The brand needed to be similar enough to the old business that returning clients would still identify the principal of the business and its services.

A complete redesign and rebranding under the new name were necessary. Keeping to the original colour scheme a contemporary yet conservative style was created. Now the brand has a recognizable cohesive style from print to web.

Complete Combustion Gas Icon

Complete Combustion Gas Services

Products: Logo, Brand, Business Cards, Website

Role: Art Direction, Brand Development, Graphic Design and Copywriting




Complete Combustion was a newly formed business that needed graphic appeal to launch its startup. The business owner wanted a design that would make his business stand out from the crowd.





A pallet of cool blues was used to evoke the idea of purity. Complete combustion needed to show that the flame was blue and clean running to demonstrate how an efficient furnace or burner would appear. The C in the combustion symbolizes the complete combustion cycle in a gas run appliance. The logo was paired with artwork in blue tones to make the site feel cohesive.


Shaffer Security Group Logo

Shaffer Security Group

Products: Logo, Brand Building, Brand Management, Business Cards, Letterhead, Icons, Social Media, Editing, Website Startup

Role: Web Startup, Social Media, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting and Design.

The Shaffer Security Group is a Texas-based Global Security Specialists and Consultation business. Founder former Navy Seal Gregory Shaffer wanted an identity that was reflective of the strength, experience and steadfast dependability of his team and their combined skills in his new business startup.



Developed an idea based on the philosophies of the Delta Force and combined with the symbolism of the ferocious strength of a lion. The duality of the symbols combined to create a recognizable symbol for the Shaffer Group.




Rocha Centred Logo

 Rocha Renos

Products: Logo, Brand, Business Cards, Letterhead, Website Startup, Storytelling, Copywriting, Editing

Role: Art Direction, Brand Development, Graphic Design and Copywriting


As a new business start-up, Rocha Reno needed aid in establishing a visual identity that stood out from the others in this competitive industry.




Coached the owner to help in the development of his brand and website. Working together we established a unique visual brand that delighted the client with a colour scheme that separated him from his competitors. When the site was complete the owner continued to learn about how to maintain the blog portion of the site.



An Online Community for Filmmakers

Products: Brand, Logo, Business Cards

Role: Brand Development, Graphic Design 




As a new business start-up in the tech world, DigiRevAr needed an edgy look that would help define their business and attract clients to list their work on the website that promotes the work of filmmakers.






Worked with both owners to create a brand that was representative of their business model.






Ceres logo

Ceres Wind and Solar

Products: Logo, Brand Building, Brand Management, Business Cards, Letterhead, Icons, Social Media, Copywriting, Editing, Photography, Website Startup

Role: Art Direction, Brand Development, Graphic Design, Photography

Ceres is a separate division of Grain Stoves INC. Ceres needed a brand that was distinct yet visually related to its parent company Grain Stoves.




To keep a similar impression for the business, yellow was chosen as a uniting colour. The style of the logo and the websites maintain a similar aesthetic to maximize company recognition to the parent company.



Grain Stove Vertical Logo

Grain Stove Inc.

Products: Logo, Brand, Business Cards, Letterhead, Icons, Banners, Photography, Website

Roles: Art Direction, Creative Direction, Brand Development, Graphic Design and Copywriting




Grain Stove INC was an established business that needed a facelift and rebranding. The business needed a cohesive look to their brand.  The brand design needed to be versatile to conform to various forms of media and various products. Furthermore, the company required an eco-friendly message to attract its target market of farmers and rural clients who have become increasingly concerned about the environment.



The colours were kept from the old logo and a more contemporary brand was established. Multiple forms of the brand were created to meet the needs of assorted products as well as for print and web. Eco-friendly recycled papers were chosen to promote the company’s brand within the green market.





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