Puppe - Der Puppen Doktor

Der Puppen Doktor

Participatory Interactive Installation

Inventory list: foam-core, picture frame, camera, amplifier, speakers, table, various artifacts, doll, stethoscope, computer
Software: Vpt 7 projection
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: Not applicable

Artist Statement and Drawings

Der Puppen Doktor or the Doll Doctor is a commentary about industrialized healthcare. 

Inside the doctor’s operating room the viewer becomes the subject of the doctor, who is not present.


Der Puppen Doktor In Situ

The dystopic room depicts an operating table in disarray.

 Der Puppen Doktor installation uses projection mapping to superimpose the viewers face onto the doll. 

Der Puppen Doktor Setup

Inspired by the death of my mother at the hands disengaged physicians, Der Puppen Doktor is a commentary regarding the state of medical institutions.

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