The Abundant Sensate

The Abundant Sensate

Inventory list: wire, wood flooring, glass pipettes, light bulbs, Plexiglass, wire mesh, contact microphones, speakers, motion sensor and amplifier
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: 183 x 46 cm

Artist Statement

The Abundant Sensate questions what constitutes waste to society, movement nearby activates its lighting system, awakening the Sensate and inviting the viewer to touch the object. 

04 Fish-AbundantSensate Setup

Its appearance mimics a jellyfish, while its tentacles produce the sound of rushing water when stroked by spectators. 

The Abundant Sensate Closeup with Hands
The Abundant Sensate Materials
The Abundant Sensate Materials

The movement transfers the sound to contact microphones and speakers when it engages with people. 

The Abundant Sensate
Contact Mics

All the materials used in its construction are discarded materials leftover from industrial or medical processes.

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