Karin’s fine art practice features interactive works, installations that are sound-based and often include interactivity. Her sound explorations critique society, technology, institutions, politicians and the media. Believing that sound stirs emotion Karin harnesses its invisible strength to build empathy in her audience. 

The Abundant Sensate Interactive Sound Object
Abundant Sensate
Interactive Sound Object

The Abundant Sensate questions what constitutes waste in today’s high tech world. Movement in its presence awakens the sensate, inviting the viewer to touch it if they dare.
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Drift Digital Game Logo
Interactive Sound Driven Video Game

Drift examines The Situationist theory of psychogeography and the derive. Players voyeur, listening in on spaces to explore the terrain and its aurality. Clearing each area by listening until all that remains are natural sounds and the environment.
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sQ Radio Logo
sQ Radio
Radio Parody
Urban Mache | Torn
Urban Mache
Sound Experimentation
Hawkins Farm Audio Map
Hawkin's Farm
Geographic Sound Mapping

Hawkin’s Farm is an example of Geographic Sound Mapping or an acoustic soundscape. The sounds are mapped to locations on the farm to reveal the activities of that area. 

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