Speak Up Glitch Art Self-Portrait
Speak Up | Glitch Art | Self-Portrait

Primarily interested in society and the commons, Karin’s art and writing take inspiration from Mikhail Bakhtin and Guy Debord. She enjoys poking fun at society, celebrity, politics and entitlement using pastiche, satire and parody as her tools. 

Karin began her professional career as an interpretive Illustrator in 1997, specializing in publishing and advertising. In 2000 she began working as a graphic designer for print media, focusing on business branding and educational book publishing. Shortly after, she added web design, copywriting and social media to her portfolio.

Karin is currently exploring interactive art after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia at McMaster University.

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Framing | Glitch Art | Self Portrait
Framing | Glitch Art | Self Portrait
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