The Spectacle of the Carnival

Influenced by the writings of Mikail Bakhtin’s Rabelais and his World and the theories of Guy DeBord’s Society of the Spectacle, artist Karin Fish examines society’s response to global and local questions. The influence of these philosophies contextualizes her subjects while she objectifies them through the lens of the carnival. Her artwork creates space for the audience to question the status quo and disrupts the rhythm of the parade. Karin’s practice critiques society, politics and institutions as she observes the role of entitlement by institutions and individuals during the collapse of social norms and ecological deterioration.

Inspired by society

Machine Learning • Artificial Intelligence • Projection Mapping

The notion of society demands interactivity, making it implicit influence in Karin’s practice. Communication, technology and humanity require interactivity and are the subjects of her art and writing. The medium of each installation serves a role in the concept. Public spaces are where you will find the art-installations. Their placement maximizes interactivity and creates space in the commons for the public to contemplate the meaning of the art with others.

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Animated Shorts • Motion Graphics

Animation brings stories to life and is the perfect medium to critique social issues. Technology makes it easy for Karin to disseminate her ideas and delight her audience regardless of where they live. Her animations often examine the role of language in society’s behaviour, as well as the impact of technology on humanity.

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Exploiting Entitlement

Social Commentary • Live Feeds

Temporality is an essential element that Karin explores. She reveals the psychogeography of a location by watching the movement of people within the frame. Karin seeks to expose the sublime in the everyday activities of the flaneur. 

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Revealing the Carnivalesque

Interviews • Sound Experiments
• Geographic Documentation

Sound is a conduit for generating emotion in the viewer. It stimulates the reward centre in our brains or stirs us emotionally. By harnessing sound, interactivity is enhanced and heightens the physical and emotional response to Karin’s art.

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Turning societies gaze inward

Essays • Narratives • Storyboards • Short Stories • Witticisms

Her writing and witticisms are the basis for every piece she creates. By framing her work using the philosophies of Bakhtin and Debord, Karin lampoons her subjects to expose their faults,

Through her art and writing, Karin casts a critical gaze on subjects and creates a forum for the viewer to question the spectacle of humanity.

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to consider


Design • Research • Opinion

Karin Frames her work with history, primary sources and literature to capture the zeitgeist and the spectacle of the carnival.

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In the Spectacle

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